Food Trucks in the District

The Dallas Arts District food truck court is currently located at AT&T Performing Arts Center in Sammons Park on the northwest corner of Flora Street and Jack Evans between the Winspear Opera House and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

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Lunch: 11a–2p

Monday – March 2
Bella Trino, Little Greek

Tuesday – March 3
Tutta’s Pizza

Wednesday – March 4
Easy Slider

Thursday – March 5
Little Greek, Bella Trino

Friday – March 6
Kieron Go Bragh, Vegan Noms, Rockin’ Rick’s

Saturday – March 7
No lunch service

Sunday – March 8
No lunch service

This schedule is subject to change and updated daily. 

The Dallas Arts District is not currently accepting new food truck applications. 

Follow the trucks on Twitter and/or Facebook for immediate updates on their locations during breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

Abe’s Flavor Flave
Abe’s Flavor Flave on Facebook
Abe’s Flavor Flave on Twitter

Bobaddiction on Facebook
Bobaddiction on Twitter

BellaTrino: Neapolitan Pizzeria & Cucina

Coolhaus DFW
Coolhaus DFW on Facebook
Coolhaus DFW on Twitter

Cajun Tailgators
Cajun Tailgators on Facebook
Cajun Tailgators on Twitter

Crazy Fish
Crazy Fish on Facebook
Crazy Fish on Twitter

Cup Cakin
Cup Cakin on Facebook
Cup Cakin on Twitter

Easy Slider Truck
Easy Slider Truck on Twitter

Eat Jo Dawgs
Eat Jo Dawgs on Facebook
Eat Jo Dawgs on Twitter

Enticed: Gourmet Shaved Ice
Enticed: Gourmet Shaved Ice on Twitter

Flatlanders Taco Co.
Flatlanders Taco Co. on Facebook

Four Seasons Truck by Vizion Catering
Vizion Catering on Twitter

Guava Tree
Guava Tree on Facebook
Guava Tree on Twitter

Jack’s Chowhound
Jack’s Chowhound on Twitter

Little Greek Food Truck
Little Greek on Facebook
Little Greek on Twitter

Lucky Ducky Dogs
Lucky Ducky Dogs on  Facebook
Lucky Ducky Dogs on Twitter 

My Cupcake Garden
My Cupcake Garden on Facebook
My Cupcake Garden on Twitter

Nammi: Cruisin’ Vietnamese Fusion
Nammi on Twitter

OinknMoo BBQ
OinknMoo BBQ on Facebook
OinknMoo BBQ on Twitter

Photo Wagon
Photo Wagon on Facebook

Pompeii DFW
Pompeii DFW on Facebook
Pompeii DFW on Twitter

Salsa Limon
Salsa Limon on Facebook

Rock and Roll Tacos
Rock and Roll Tacos on Twitter

Rock Star Bakeshop
Rock Star Bakeshop on Facebook
Rock Star Bakeshop on Twitter

Rockin’ Ricks
Rockin’ Ricks on Twitter

Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe
Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe on Twitter
Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe on Facebook

SSahmBBQ on Twitter

Trailercakes on Twitter


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