Zombies in the District

Chapter 4 – Our zombie is let loose in the Dallas Arts District! What happens when he is free to roam the Dallas Museum of Art, the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Booker T. Washington High School and other DAD venues? Guess you’ll have to watch and find out…if you dare!

Chapter 3 – Zombify Your Face with Rachel White, DTC Teaching Artist

Chapter 2 – Zombify Your Walk/Talk with Lee Trull, DTC Acting Company Member

Chapter 1 – Zombify Your Clothes with Christie Vela, DTC Acting Company Member

The Dallas Arts District, with a little help from our friends at the Dallas Theater Center, want to teach you how to be (dress, act, look like) a zombie so that you’ll be groaning and ready for Zombies in the District on Sunday, October 30th!

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Zombies will take over the Dallas Arts District come October 30th…and you’re the zombies! Come one, come all in your Sunday best and most creative undead outfits for our Halloween festivities, including the District’s first ever Zombie Walk, to close out the month long celebration of ART IN OCTOBER!

At 6:00 pm, the zombie walk will kick-off. All zombies will gather in front of the Myerson at the corner of Pearl & Flora and then do the walking dead shuffle (we’re not talking modern day sprinting zombies here!) down to the AT&T Performing Arts Center

Prizes will be awarded for the best DIY zombie costumes and make-up. The Dallas Theater Center’s professional stage make-up team will also be holding make-up workshops from 5-6 pm. We encourage you to come as a zombie in your own costume and make-up for this event but it is not required to participate. 

Where, at 6:15 pm, the undead dancers of Booker T. Washington High School will perform Michael Jackson’s famous choreographed dance from “Thriller” right there in the streets just as it was performed in the iconic 1983 music video. Then you may want to grab some sustenance from a food truck (zombies do get hungry after all. sorry, no braaaaains.) and get settled in on the ground because…

At 7:00 pm, the film that started it all – George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead (1968) – will screen outside under the moon at Sammons Park at the AT&T PAC, presented by the Dallas Film Society and Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Night of the Living Dead is unrated and may not be suitable for younger viewers. Consult IMDb’s Parent’s Guide for more information on the film’s content. The Zombie Walk and performance of “Thriller” is open to all ages. 

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Sun Oct 30, 2011
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5:00 pm


AT&T Performing Arts Center

Dallas Film Society

Dallas Theater Center

Texas Frightmare Weekend


Annette Strauss Square

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