Becoming a 2012 Avatar Series

Entering the Avatar State – Kundalini and Mystical Experience

Kundalini has been referred to as creative energy, healing energy, and holy fire.  It is the most powerful energy available to humanity.  Each person possesses the ability to draw upon kundalini, yet few people know how to use it or how to court it to produce understanding and wisdom.  Join the School of Metaphysics as we share how anyone can experience mystical states of joy, love, and bliss and enter into the true “Avatar State.”

Becoming a 2012 Avatar is a 10 part series that meets on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Presented by the School of Metaphysics.

Crow Collection of Asian Art articles and reviews

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Thu Nov 29, 2012
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7:00 pm


Crow Collection of Asian Art


Crow Collection of Asian Art

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