Foundation Grants

The mission of the Dallas Arts District is to enhance the value of the city’s creative and economic life by engaging artistic, educational and commercial neighbors through excellent design, practices and programs.

We aspire to transform the Dallas Arts District into a dynamic destination for Dallasites and tourists, powered by the imagination of regional and international artists, with integrated and exemplary artistic, residential, cultural and commercial life.

To complement the programs of resident arts organizations in the District, the Foundation sponsors a broad range of activities with particular emphasis on emerging artists and cultural groups from outside the Dallas Arts District.

The work of the Foundation enhances the District by making arts activity more accessible. We believe the arts should be a part of people’s daily lives, not merely a diversion for special occasions. We similarly believe that the Dallas Arts District should be a place people will want to visit on a regular basis to find an array of cultural programs.

The Foundation, through its Grants programs, generates this kind of activity, guaranteeing that the Arts District fulfills its promise of being a cornerstone of Dallas’ artistic and intellectual life.

Types of Assistance

Financial assistance is granted to a non-profit organization or an individual sponsored by a non-profit organization to provide a specific artistic or cultural activity or program to occur within the Dallas Arts District and for the benefit of the public.

The Foundation has as its highest priority, funding projects that are created as site-specific, innovative programs developed through a collaborative process among two or more cultural organizations.

Each organization or individual may submit no more than two applications, and no more than one application may be approved for funding.

The Foundation Does Not Fund:

  1. Capital improvements, construction, renovation, purchase of permanent equipment, or structural maintenance of facilities.
  2. Activities restricted to an organization’s membership.
  3. Newsletters, website development or regularly printed publications about an organization’s activities for distribution to its member constituents.
  4. Costs of parties, receptions, and other social activities.
  5. Fundraising benefits and activities.
  6. Fellowships and/or costs of tuition at colleges, universities, or professional training schools.
  7. College/University or school projects that are part of a required course or curriculum or that do not involve and serve the general public.
  8. Operating expenses.
  9. Programs that are not primarily arts or cultural activities.
  10. Retroactive funding for projects, which are completed, or are in progress.
  11. Direct funding to individuals.
  12. Activities that do not benefit the general public.
  13. Endowments.
  14. Any organization that did not meet the terms of prior year funding contract.

The grant cycle for projects occurring in 2016 is now open!

Due date: October 30, 2015. 

Please contact for the application.

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