Holiday Shopping Series: The Lotus Shop at the Crow Collection

Welcome to Part 2 of our Arts District Holiday Shopping Blog Series. This time we’re taking you to the small Lotus Shop inside the Crow Collection of Asian Art, where you’ll find some very unique items and friendly sales people.

A lot of the merchandise at the Lotus Shop is fun because it’s really interactive and gets the creative juices flowing. Last year we highlighted such an item  (The Modern Twist Placemat for kids) and this year I found something with just as much endless creativity, but for all ages: The Buddha Board.

The Buddha Board is a 12″ x 9.5″ board that you can “paint” on with a bamboo brush dipped in water that looks like black sumi-e ink. When the water evaporates, your “painting” is gone, utilizing the Zen philosophy of living in the moment. You’re left with a clear mind and an open canvas for fresh, new ideas that you can use over and over (kinda like the old Etch-A-Sketch, but way faster and much more freedom). After doing some research on what type of paper is used to create the “magic”, I found out that it’s actually the manufacturer’s secret…which adds to the fun of this gift.

This gift would be great for kids because there’s practically no clean up since you’re only using water and also good for anyone looking for a quick creative outlet.

The Buddha Board comes complete with a bamboo brush, reusable board, and a base to hold the board horizontally or vertically that includes a water trough. Altogether, it’s $32.95.

The Buddha Board also comes in a compact miniature size (5″ x 5″) with 5 color choices: red, black, pink, blue, and purple. After trying out the mini myself, I ended up buying two; I got one for my desk at work and one as a gift for a friend! They’d make great stocking stuffers at only $9.95, too.

Find The Buddha Board and many other intriguingly exceptional gifts at the Lotus Shop inside the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Most items can also be purchased online.

Look for our next Arts District holiday shopping blog post on Friday, Dec. 9.

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