Holiday Shopping Series: Jorge’s Tamales

You might not know it, but the Dallas Arts District is a great place to do some holiday shopping; you can find some really innovative gifts, and you usually won’t have to wait in any long lines (like say, at your local mall). Plus, a lot of stuff can be purchased without even leaving your home (i.e. tickets for someone on the internet). For the past two years we’ve been giving you short, helpful holiday hints on how to creatively fill some of those spots on your shopping list with artsy gifts, and this year, we plan on continuing the tradition with some of our classic staples and new ideas. We all know time flies during the holiday season, so let’s get right into it…

Part 1: Jorge’s Tamales
This is definitely one of those old classics I was talking about. For the past couple years, One Arts Plaza‘s resident Mexican restaurant has been offering up holiday tamales and for a few good reasons:

1. Three delicious flavors: pork, rajas-shredded peppers w/ Oacxa Cheese, and chicken
2. Locally HANDmade(brag about them to your out of state relatives)
3. Just plain taste good (’nuff said!)

These make great appetizers for your holiday gatherings and are $20/dozen. PLUS they come with your choice of signature Jorge’s salsa, ranchero sauce, or queso. Order soon, they’ll go fast!

Order & pick-up information here or call 214.720.2211

While we’re talking about food here, I’d also like to mention that each of the restaurants at One Arts Plaza have gift cards available. Stop into the following to purchase:
The Commissary
Fedora Restaurant and Lounge
Screen Door


Look for our next Arts District Holiday Shopping Blog Post on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

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